Are you looking for a new opportunity that can:
• To create residual & retail income
• To work from home
• Low Start Up Cost
• To have no Boss
• I wanted something Ideally for a busy individual
• To receive excellent training and support
• To provide quality affective products
• Ground floor opportunity

As a member of Ardyss International you allowed to participate in the Compensation Plan. With the plan, you can define the amount of
Compensation you can earn a guide for your goals to help you set realistic and achievable benchmarks for building your business.

Ardyss doesn’t stop there. We wanted our compensation plan to do more. We established three specific objectives we wanted to accomplish with our plan:

• Allow you, as a new Independent Advisor, to make meaningful income immediately.

• Provide a simple, duplicable system for you to follow that will allow you to stay qualified and “in the money”.

• Enable you to create a serious business, if you choose to do so, and be rewarded accordingly.

We believe the Ardyss Compensation does all of these things, and more. It represents the latest thinking in compensation plan design, but at the same time, it is based upon principles that have been proven in practice over many years. Like our products, we believe the Ardyss Compensation Plan is the very best available. We hope you will find it both lucrative and easy to share with others.


Stream = 1
Retail Commission
As a distributor you can purchase products wholesale at 40% to 80% discount. Therefore, on direct sales to your personal retail customer, you make 40% to 100% profit.

Stream = 2
Express Bonus
30% up to $300 on the first orders on those you personally enroll. (You receive $90 or $60 if not on auto-ship)

Stream = 3
Unilevel & Enroller Relationship Bonus
Get paid 15% on the sale of all personally enrolled independent advisors. No matter where they are placed in you’re down line. This is part of the residual income.

Stream = 4
Generational Bonuses
You will earn up to a 1% to 4% bonus on all person in your down line up to 5 generations based on the assigned Value Points. This is part of the residual income.

Stream = 5
Rank Bonus
Get paid extra money for maintaining your rank. $100 to $800.
This is part of the residual income.

Stream = 6
Car Bonuses
Get paid for your car payment for maintaining your rank
$150 to $800. This is part of the residual income.

Stream = 7
Presidential Pool
It’s an additional quarterly paid bonus for all the Presidential ranks. 1.5% of Ardyss’ National Sales

Stream = 8
Power Start Bonus
This is a program that provides 100% match for accelerated growth and pays up to $60,000 per person you personally enroll. (10 active people + 10,000 pqp = $1400)

Stream = 9
Power Pack Bonus
Pays $80 per person up to 3 you enroll per month. When you get up to 4 people you then get paid $100 per person.
(ie 3 people = $ 160 but 4 people = $400.)

Stream = 10 -
Presidential Bonus
Help someone in your down line to become a president and get $3000.00 per person

Weekly Pay
You don’t have to wait for one month to get paid. Receive your weekly pay. Our week starts on Mondays and end on Sundays. You will receive your payment that Tuesday. The starting week of these bonuses will be May 10, 2010 with a payment date of Tuesday, May 18, 2010. The Weekly bonus is for:
• Power Pack
• Express Bonus
• Direct Sales
• Enrollment Bonus.

Free Health Insurance!!

Power Start Bonus

The Power Start Bonus is where your big money is coming from. Ardyss International gives you 40 months to follow their Power Start Plan.

Example: In your first month, they want you have 4 personal Distributors that joined by paying the $299 power start. They ask that you have a total of 800 GQP (dollars) for the month. This is easy to obtain. If you enroll 4 people on the power start plan and have GQP of 800 they will pay you $50.00 power start bonus. It is not much but it can help on something. Not only would you get the $50.00 but you still get paid 6 other ways.

Example 2: Your second month you have enrolled 8 people and you do 7,000 GQP, they will pay you early. Go to the power start chart and look for 7,000 GGP, you will see 6,500. They are going to pay you $250 + $200 + $150 + $100 = $700.

The great thing about this Power Start Bonus, is that it is 100% Matching Bonus.
Example 3: You are in your third month and you make 8,000 GQP, you will get your power start bonus of $300. Lets assume your 8 people has 4 people of their own and the make 800 GQP, you are going to get $50+$50+$50+$50+$50+$50+$50+$50= $400. 100% Matching now how wonderful is that.

You can make $60,600 on Every Distributor you personally enroll into the company. How amazing is that.

For more information, check out an online Presentation from my mentor, Myron Golden.

Ardyss Video Presentation

Ardyss Compensation Plan

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